You may say..... I am a dreamer

It was a scary night.... hard winds...dogs howling and things crashing around. Winds shattered the windows, rain drops hit my face through the broken panes waking me up all scared. I sat on the bed, staring at the trees swaying in the winds far away in the steepest darkness. My stomach was growling, no food to eat and water to drink. ........and what I saw was just a sample......         Our hearts are so big, yet we lack compassion...                 Our intelligence is so great, yet our intents lack wisdom....                        Our technology crossed our planet, but is bounded by its ego...                                Our world is so large, yet we search for a peaceful place....        We all forget the fact that god is our creation                Every good we do turns our world into a heaven                       That little compassion, that little affection and that little love                                                    ,we show to the world around us

A true media for Chennai....

Okay from my knowledge and understanding of a disaster I have pointers for these media houses, may be some of them are being followed already but still I would like to make my point.... 1) Collect the list of problems across the city. I am sure you all have a huge journalist network. Bring them on to the field, equip them with technology (what ever you have) and checklists. Do this asap. 2) Now prioritize these problems and find a solution by getting the opinion from experts and the local people, hold debates on TV take opinion from people because 'India wants to know'.  Give a good coverage on the problems, offer opinions and let the leaders take decisions on these. Even the politicians need information to take action on. Provide that. I am sure you will find a lot of volunteers, experts coming and helping the city resurrect quicker. 3) Take people as volunteers for information gathering, design a medium and strategy through your technology and present it the right way to

At Ground Zero.....

Many of you might have heard about the catastrophe the city of Visakhapatnam faced recently. Hudhud was a giant cyclone which none of us expected it to be so dangerous and devastating. We all heard of cyclones as giant as Hudhud flying off to the adjacent states and leaving only trails of heavy rains. Infact, the city has never seen something so devastating since past 25 years. This is clearly evident from the fully grown trees which could have aged more than 30 seen till before Hudhud. So, the day when the alerts were made in the TV channels and news papers, everyone thought it would not effect Vizag as was the case with Phailin last year. But it proved completely different. The city faced a death blow. The day before, (11th October) all the evacuation jobs were being carried out by the government very effectively. All the colleges and institutions were issued holidays as a precautionary. Being a Saturday a holiday for our research centre, I was on an invitation to deliver a tal

Why and Why not?

Watch this video every time when you are eating meat... Why am I sharing this? Not because I am a vegetarian, but because I am an Intelligent Human with compassion and love for other creatures. I know lot of people don't like the idea of supporting the vegetarians. I know how much criticism we under go when we suggest them of going vegetarian. And mostly concerning their own health factors. I know its hard to lose that love for the taste of food you had been eating long., but trust me everything is possible is practice, a hard effort for a change always. Why don't you all give a try? Why shouldn't you? Why wouldn't you? You may have thousands of reasons to argue over my point. I feel you should first try and speak of your points. I have been a vegetarian since my birth, I remember I was very thin and puny compared to many of you people long back. And I took it as a challenge to build a healthy body with all vegetarian food and yes I am able to do

Most embarassing situations.....

Stranger in the bus : Ee college babu ? Student in the college i work in: Ee ra first year ahh ? Watchman while going to lab in the night: I.d card eedhi ? Students ki 8 tharvata college lopaliki allowed ledhu.. Velli parents ni pilchuku ra.. When I went to college to collect transcripts during the beginning of sem holidays. it was the time when arrear (back log) exams were conducted...a junior asks me: Jr.:Hi anna... Ela unnaru ? Entanna ila vacharu...blah blah blah... Btw enni papers unnai meeku ?... Me:Seven....(i thought research).. Jr:Abbo parledanna meeru great naku nine unnai... Ee saari kalisi raasedham lendi A family friend in a function: FF:Eenti babu em chestunnav? Me: TVS lo pani chestunna andi.... FF: Enti TCS lo raaledhaa?.. Maa ammai ekkadee XYz lo chadivindandi andi TCS lo vachindi... 2007 seven batch last month ee u.s vellindhi... Baaga kastapadaalandi TCS lo raavaali ante...(looking at me).. When I met my most fav. Prof in the college after a year

Discombobulating and enigmatic....An Idle mind but not devil's workshop

Okay! you will find such confusing words in my blog here on. May be you can call it GRE effect, or rather abased and abashed......all that.... There was a lot of difference since the last post. Okay why should some one be interested of a change in my  life? Well after all its my blog and I have all the freedom. Sounding sarcastic? I know... I don't care...  Job was hard, of course I dint like it. There was no life or rather it was just work and work and not the right work, at least for me. Heat battered me, smell of grease was harsh for the first time. Of all, thoughts they were hindered. Yes I understood that's not my piece of cake. And I left it challenging my future and also frightening all the people around.  Back at home sitting on my little desk where most of my life was spent studying and playing games, took a pen and started scribbling all my haziest thoughts. When I scribble its always the letter 'S' or my signature which shapes ou

Life is like that .....

One Saturday morning I woke up around 7 AM. I was staring aimlessly at the ceiling.I could hear the sound of fan in my room. I wondered why my life became so lonely,joyless and boring. I never knew the purpose of my life. It’s just become mechanical- going to work, returning home and sleeping. Is it what the life is? It seems only yesterday that I was with all my friends, family playing,, laughing, joking and living every second of my life. What’s wrong now? Did I change ? or is it jut the way my life is destined to be? I feel like seizing all my memories instead of letting them go from my mind. Sometimes, I fear of tomorrow. This pain of being alone drives down and stays there in dakness- the darkness which no light can panetrate except for love and for feeling of being belonged. I got out of the bed and took a walk down the street full of people. People rushing to work, people chatting with their friends, people just walking . And I feel alone. I got to work. Everyon