Why and Why not?

Watch this video every time when you are eating meat...

Why am I sharing this?
Not because I am a vegetarian, but because I am an Intelligent Human with compassion and love for other creatures. I know lot of people don't like the idea of supporting the vegetarians. I know how much criticism we under go when we suggest them of going vegetarian. And mostly concerning their own health factors.

I know its hard to lose that love for the taste of food you had been eating long., but trust me everything is possible is practice, a hard effort for a change always.
Why don't you all give a try? Why shouldn't you? Why wouldn't you? You may have thousands of reasons to argue over my point. I feel you should first try and speak of your points.
I have been a vegetarian since my birth, I remember I was very thin and puny compared to many of you people long back. And I took it as a challenge to build a healthy body with all vegetarian food and yes I am able to do it. I am healthy both mentally and physically. Most of all I am happy that I am not a reason for the death of such innocent creatures.
I feel it hard to harm an ant even it tries to bite. I feel its wrong to kill a snake or a scorpion while they don't really harm you. We might say they are dangerous, Yes of course they are, but tell me this aren't we dangerous too? And we have almost encroached into their areas and we try to blame them and kill them? How funny?
These creatures they taught me so much that no human being could have in my life. I am always indebted to them for the kind of intelligence and integrity they taught me.
All ways turn your stomach into a beautiful Garden not into a filthy, stinky burial ground.
I hope you will remember the cruelty in this video when ever you eat meat next time.


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